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Back Massage


I recently had a massage at JLP Massage in Rehoboth, MA, and it was truly a wonderful experience. John was incredibly friendly, professional, and highly skilled. His strong hands and expertise made for a relaxing massage, and he carried the conversation well, adding to the overall comfort.

The massage room itself was inviting and relaxing, with soothing music and the perfect temperature creating a nice atmosphere. Additionally, the parking situation was hassle-free with plenty of spaces available.

From start to finish, the entire experience was deeply rejuvenating. John got rid of all my knots and tension. I highly recommend JLP Massage for anyone in need of a top-notch massage. I’ll definitely be returning!

-Justin H.

John has a inviting space, the lighting and music are perfect, everything in the room promotes relaxation. He has a natural ability for massage. I've had several different people give me a massage and he is by far one of the best. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment today.

-Jeff W.

My massage was contoured to my needs and my issues. John has a fantastic touch and he adjusts the pressure as needed..The studio is inviting and soothing. I highly recommend booking a massage with him.

-Mister Donte Chase

John is highly skilled and has strong and skillful hands. He talked with me, first, after having read my description about any problems and my background. The room is lovely and tranquil, with a great heated table. The massage was phenomenal, in every way - just what I needed. I highly recommend John!

-Robert I.

Absolutely one of the best massages I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many. John has created an inviting space, it’s clean, and relaxing. This was my first massage with John, He took time to go over any concerns that I had. I chose the 90 minute therapeutic massage, and John discovered trouble spots I was unaware of. One of the plus I find with a male massage therapist is the size and strength of the hands. John was aware of his strength, and made sure that the pressure was not too much. I booked my next appointment before leaving. I would say it was more than a 5 star review. Give JLP Massage a try, you will not regret it.

-Joe M.

Great massage. Very relaxing. Felt like jelly afterwards. The place was very clean and warm. Asked if I had any areas of concern and checked in throughout the massage. Would highly recommend.

-Robert P.

John is terrific! Provides a great massage. Excellent technique, comfortable studio. Highly recommend!!

-S S

Fantastic experience! John is a skilled professional who has created a safe, warm, welcoming and spotless space. Will definitely make this a regular experience for myself and will recommend to others without hesitation. Thank you John

- Craig C.

Great massage - John was awesome

- Jose S.

Great strong Hands, Great Studio as well, Massage was what I needed….
Thank You…

- J Brian J.

Best massage, since I hurt my back. Thanks!!!!

- Anthony P.


Great massage, great technique - John was great all around

Jose S.

First rate. Great studio. John is very professional. It’s the one to choose!!


My 1st time receiving a massage & was enjoyable.


Great massage. Very relaxing. Felt like jelly afterwards. The place was very clean and warm. Asked if I had any areas of concern and checked in throughout the massage. Would highly recommend.

Robert P.

From one LMT to another, John is gifted in his craft. He took the time to listen to my needs and followed through with helping me find much needed relief in my lower back. Between his intuition and technique, I’ll definitely be back.

Samantha B.

Great massage, extremely relaxing! Will be rebooking asap

Kiba S.

John is an exceptional massage therapist who truly listens to the client’s needs. I would highly recommend him.


First massage ever, so I have nothing to compare it with. That being said, I thought it was great and would certainly book with John again.

David C.

Skilled hands and very relaxing experience.


John is a professional in every sense of the word. He gave me a thorough massage!


Truly the best massage I’ve ever had.


First time meeting John. Extremely professional, took the time to find out my concerns. 90 minutes felt like 3 hours.



I would start off saying that is was very relaxed Studio, easy to find, very personable & professional. Great hands, great pressure, I will definitely rebook with you soon. Thanks for rescuing my left watch… Honest as well.. Thank You, a great experience.

Brian J.

John gives a wonderful massage. I had some lower back pain and left feeling great!


Not particularly a friend of booking on line....prefer one on one. Room was perfect, ambiance excellent, dim lights, soft music, great massage


This was a very relaxing and comfortable experience, I'll likely book again in the future but opt for 90 minutes instead of 60. John was attentive and the studio space was private, clean, and calm.


Omg was amazing walked out of there with a brand new back ty

Eric K.

Self-care is important, a massage is one way to accomplish this. Take 90 min out of your day and let the stress of hard work and life escape you!


I Will be back.


John was very professional and welcoming. He is an excellent therapist and gave an amazing massage. I would definitely book another session!

Timothy B.

I was quite happy with my previous massage therapist, but I wanted to branch out. By far, John provided one of the best massages, definitely in the top 3 of 75 plus massages. The space is inviting and relaxing. As a first visit, John took the time to go over concerns, he paced himself to learn what areas and pressures to best released deep muscle tension. He found areas in my back and calves I never realized were so tight. I booked another appointment before leaving. Definitely 5 stars was not enough. You will not regret trying JLP Massage.

Joe M.

The massage I had was a fantastic experience and of course I would recommend people i know to have a fantastic experience like me thank you so much you are the best

Carlos P.

Massage was great, he really worked the areas of concern. I defer will be going back.

Butch P.

John is a top notch professional. The studio is very nice. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a high quality massage.


Fantastic experience. John is a skilled professional who has created a safe, warm, welcoming and spotless space. Will definitely make this a regular experience for myself and will recommend to others without hesitation! Thank you John!

Craig C.

The 90 minutes flew by. I left feeling like jello. John knows how to make you feel comfortable so you can find that inner relaxation. Already rebooked another session!


Excellent massage!!!!


Great technique. John is very attentive to his clients.


Great experience overall and I will certainly be scheduling time again soon. His professional skills and training are evident. Studio is very clean and he is friendly and welcoming. He’s the real deal!


Best massage, for someone with a bad back, feel so much better today!! Thanks Tony

Anthony P.

You'll feel like a new and refreshed man after an hour with John.


I do many massages throughout the year some are good and some not so good. So trying to find a good massage person can be difficult, but I found him to be very knowledgeable, patient took his time , was very aware of my issues and tried to address them to help me feel better. Today I’m not sore so that’s good ,but I feel great so I would def recommend him to anybody. Thanks again John.

Marcus A.

John is very good at his skill, he listened to his clients and makes sure he works in those specific areas. John is very caring and asks throughout abiut the oressure and if there is any pain. The setting is very comfortable. I highly recommend his services.

Michael P.

Excellent ! Experienced! Some of my achy areas actually felt better later. Everything was amazing & 5 star rating .I gave the ambiance only 4 out of 5 stars because my preference is a bit dimmer to zone out .


John was very skilled, kind and professional...

Ronald M.

Outstanding massage! Very skilled professional thereapist. Very comfortable, relaxing studio.


Highly recommended!


Wow, great skill and wonderfully calm space. Will definitely become a regular.


Great private location - ambience relaxing - highly skilled practitioner already! Gregarious, friendly, frequently checks in with touch and pressure - Already re-booked.


Wonderful new therapist. I would ask clients what type of music they enjoy during massage. Everyone’s taste is different. Anugama and Peter Kater my favorites.


Very relaxing and alleviated sore back and shoulder muscles from previous day’s workout. Great ambiance and peaceful experience. I felt amazing the next day after a good night’s sleep. I’ll be a repeat client.

Ted H.

Awesome experience. Very comfortable and relaxing in a nicely designed space. I would highly recommend you book a massage and check out John's place.


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